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You have spent time, money, and physical and psychic strength getting through detox and treatment. Now it is time to reintegrate into daily living. For many, the transition back into normal daily functioning can be overwhelming; stress can seem to come from the simplest tasks. Sober living houses can offer the newly recovering addict and alcoholic a structured, drug and alcohol free environment.

Quality sober housing can offer a community of others who are also learning to live sober and clean lives. One benefit of Rejuvenate Homes is the natural development of a new support system-other men in recovery.  The power of the support system cannot be underestimated or replaced by people outside of recovery.

Many men newly recovering from drugs and alcohol may feel ill-equipped to move back to their homes; sometimes for an extended period of time.  Many halfway houses have a time limitation on residents.  We do not impose mandatory exit dates. At Rejuvenate Homes men learn to take more responsibility for themselves.

Our sober homes are located in St. Paul's Merriam Park, Highland Park, and Payne-Phalen Districts.  Our focus is on our residents and their recovery. We specialize in providing them with structured  living.  We are always available to offer support and guidance.  Our programs are designed to help our residents heal and grow into a new life where they can live successfully with their addictions.

Sober Housing @ Rejuvenate Homes
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