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Below are just a few examples of independent reviews in which Rejuvenate Homes' clients and their families talk about their experiences of the Rejuvenate family experience. Many more testimonials can be found online. Simply search "Rejuvenate Homes reviews," or click on this link;

Rejuvenate Homes Google Reviews   

It's hard to sort through so many reviews that are one extreme or the other. This is only my experience.
Bottom line, I would have never made it the 19 months sober that I've had if it weren't for Rejuvenate Homes, specifically. In early recovery, especially when you're already living in a home with 15 other guys, privacy is important. That was what drew me to Rejuvenate. The houses are very nice, clean and taken care of. Add all of the amenities they provide, and it is worth every penny!

They care, very much, about providing every opportunity for a successful recovery. I saw a lot of conflict in 18 months, 12 as a resident and the last 6 as a manager. Rejuvenate Homes was fair and reasonable in almost every incident. And where there may have been question they evaluated the situation, corrected the error and made the necessary changes to prevent any similar issues.

They are flexible and willing to work with residents to make sure they have what they need to be successful. As long as you are serious about your recovery, willing to do WHATEVER it takes, and are willing to accept suggestions and direction. They operate in the format of Alcoholics Anonymous, and they DO practice that in all of their affairs.

Thank you for everything you have done! I could not have built this solid foundation in recovery without you!

Dak A. Resident Twin Cities House


I lived at the Saint Paul House for the last 6 months and had a great experience! I felt supported and genuinely cared about by Doug and the house managers. I’ve come a long way in finding myself, and having had received the encouragement I did from them, I know I’m a better person. Thanks for all of your help!

Adam N. - Resident The St. Paul House

Very welcoming and clean environment, the house I moved into was nice and conveniently close to downtown saint Paul which has an awesome recovery community. I strongly recommend you coming to check out what Doug is doing in this community and the great things that are happening in these homes.

Caleb M. - Resident The 94 House

"I lived in a Rejuvenate Homes Sober house (The Dayton House) for over a year. My personal experience was that living in a Rejuvenate House was a major factor in my personal recovery in all areas of my life. The easy to comply with rules and structure helped teach me to live life on life’s terms, without question. The guys who simply couldn’t do these EASY things, like stay sober, like get out of bed before noon and then make the bed, or get a job and show up for it, or go to just 3 12 step meetings weekly….those guys are indeed asked to move on and then they of course refuse to take accountability for their own failures. I did all those things and grew tremendously out of that experience. My life is awesome now and I give a huge chunk of the credit to my housemates at the Dayton House, to my  house manager and to Doug and  Jason for making all this possible. Make your own judgement…go tour one or more of their houses, meet the manager and the current residents, then do the same at just about any other option out there. You’ll see, Rejuvenate is for real the best for you or your loved one in early recovery."

J.D. - Resident Dayton House

I have lived in the Saint Paul house for 6 months! My experience here has been pretty great! We had a house manager that was not good for the house and management acted swiftly to remove the “issue”. The house has been supportive and has really helped me in my recovery! I highly suggest living here if you’re serious about staying sober and want a place that holds you accountable but also knows how to have fun!

Dylan W. - Resident St. Paul House

"Thank you Rejuvenate Homes! When our son Michael completed his 30 day inpatient treatment program , his counselor recommended that he transition to sober living for at least 6 months. We weren’t sure if this was a necessary step and mistakenly thought that he was prepared to face the world clean and sober after completing a top tier 30 day treatment program. Michael moved back home, resumed school and in very short order relapsed. Things got bad quickly and we nearly lost our son. When he left treatment this time, he immediately moved into Rejuvenate and found the support, accountability and focus on recovery he needed to change and grow. Michael is a completely different young man now. He’s much more present, responsible and most importantly, ambitious and hopeful! At the end of his 6 month commitment to live in the Rejuvenate house, he made the decision, all on his own to stay on for an 4 months, because he loved living in the house and wanted a bit more time in that safe, supportive (and I’m sure also fun) environment. He left recently and with the help of  the Managing Director, who aided him greatly in the application process, was able to enter the Step Up program for recovering students at Augsburg College. Rejuvenate Homes has had a profound positive impact on our family’s lives. Thank you!"

Doreen L. - Parent 449 House

"I have lived in the Marshall house since Oct 2016 and will be moving out at the end of Aug 2018. I have nothing but great memories from this opportunity. I’ve been fortunate to have an incredible house manager, Pete. If you have never met him, I suggest going out of your way to meet him. He will have an amazing positive impact on your life. He is the main reason why I’ve stayed in this house for so long without even considering a different house. I am also very lucky and have gotten to know Doug D. on a personal level. He is the director of Rejuvanate sober homes. Same goes for Doug- if you don’t know him, you can basically find him at any AA meeting. When you cross his path, please make sure to introduce yourself. He will have you laughing before you know it.
I am actually very sad, yet happy to be moving on from the Marshall House. I’m moving to the state of WA to work for a treatment center. The Marshall house and Pete have a major major major impact on why this is possible. To say thank you to Pete, Doug, and Rejuvanate is an understatement.

Give Rejuvanate a shot. Enjoy it. Embrace it. It will do nothing but create positive memories for you and your family. I’ll be forever grateful.

Mike F. - Resident Marshall House

February of 2018....I was slated to move into one of Rejuvenates homes, but decided that I needed to test my drinking skills one more time so I went out on a few day bender and ended up in detox. I thought my shot with Rejuvenate was done for. I called Doug, explained what happened and he willingly let me have another chance.

Now, a year later, I have lived in two of their homes and both have great. Two homes because I had a relapse and they allowed me to move (So grateful!) The homes are nice, quiet, and spacious.

I'm a 35yr old male who struggled for years to do the right thing and this time I got it right. I moved into a nice sober home/community and learned how to immerse myself in a new lifestyle. I owe a lot to Rejuvenate and they will always hold a special place in my heart.

I am divorced with a child and when I needed time to be a dad it was met with openness and understanding (within reason). The houses have basic rules that are easy to adhere to if you have an ounce of maturity in your bones. Make your bed, clean up after yourself, and be mindful of the others in the homes. Do that, plus work a recovery program, and you'll fit in great.

I'd suggest, and have, to anyone looking for a solid place to transition back into life from treatment or a dark place in their life. Life doesn't have to suck. Do the next right thing for yourself and take a chance by moving into a Rejuvenate Home.

Andy B. - Resident Saint Paul House and Dayton House


"I stayed at Rejuvenate Homes for 5 months and my experience was wonderful. Doug took me into the home when I was at a very low point in my life. He and my housemates immediately provided the support, structure and accountability I needed to get back on a good track in my life. Yes, accountability. You will be expected to meet very simple house requirements when living here. Go to a few meetings a week, meet with your sponsor and work or volunteer throughout the week - all things that are needed anyway if you really are committed to remaining sober and living a productive life. It's frustrating reading some of the negative reviews listed here because my bet is many of these people simply did not want to live in accordance with very simple guidelines.

One concern I had moving into a sober home was that I wouldn't see my wife and 3 year old son as much as I'd like. That was not the case for me. Show that you are committed to meeting the requirements of the house, and you'll be granted more than enough flexibility and freedom to spend time with your family - you'll even be allowed to spend overnights a couple times a week which was fantastic for me to stay connected with my son on the weekends.

This really was a great sober home to move in to. Houses are clean, housemates are responsible and those in charge care about your sobriety and well-being. I haven't even mentioned yet that the homes provide you with your own room! This was certainly a plus.

Again, I would recommend (and have recommended) Rejuvenate to family and friends impacted by this disease. I'm very glad I chose to stay here and also to have met and become connected with the community that surrounds it.

Encouraging anyone who is struggling as I was to consider sober living here and wishing you hope in your recovery journey."

Terry P. - Resident - Dayton House

"Rejuvenate homes is a great place to begin your journey in recovery. I live at the Minnesota house and my experience here has been great. The homes are very clean and comfortable. Everyone here has your best interest and without them I can only imagine where I’d be right now. Thank you Rejuvenate!"

Reid D. - Resident Minnesota House

These guys deserve a 6th Star! Doug, Pete and the residents at the Marshall House have played a very big role in our son's positive growth in the past year. He struggled a lot in his first few attempts at recovery. We both believe that his experience at Marshall made the difference. He found the support and living examples of true recovery focus that he badly needed. His words, not ours! There is a lot of love going on in these Rejuvenate sober homes."

Sherry W. - Parent Marshall House


"Doug and the team at Rejuvenate have been fantastic to work with. The house is very clean and provides an excellent atmosphere for recovery. I feel comfortable that my son is around others that are focused on sobriety and that the house manager holds everyone accountable. I would recommend a Rejuvenate house for you or your loved ones with no reservations."

Ken S. - Parent Bluffs House and Minnesota House

I’ve been staying here for the past 6 months. I can’t complain about anything. The house I lived at (The Bluffs) was awesome. We’ve had a solid group of guys at my house with good recovery. The house I lived at has been awesome since I moved in. We haven’t had many people relapse in the past 6 months that I’ve been there. I have met some amazing people on this journey. It’s sad and hard to leave but it is time. Rejuvenate Homes is awesome! Good management and house managers. I recommend for everyone."

Cody G. - Resident Minnesota House

"Great place to live in. Doug D. the Admission's director is absolutely awesome. He really cares about helping newly sober people find a comfortable place to live in. I toured a handful of other sober houses in the St Paul area before choosing Rejuvenate and i am so happy i chose to live here. If you are looking for a great place to start your journey in sobriety, you should check out Rejuvenate!!"

Maxwell T. - Resident The Bluffs House

My name is Eric Coleman. I had the opportunity to stay at the Marshall house for nearly 6 months. The manger at this house is fantastic to work with and very easy to talk to. I also had the opportunity to work with Doug Dosenburg on several occasions and found him to be very understanding to each individuals needs. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from a very diverse group of men living in the house and am fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience sober living at it's best. The house is always clean and everyone from management to the residents were respectful in every way. I would highly recommend Rejuvenate Homes as a great source for part of your recovery."

Eric C. - Resident Marshall House

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